Intertwining Digital and Physical Spaces through Scenography

Space in Between is an artistic research about how digital space and physical space are interconnected. As we all know that technology such as the internet has become more pervasive and undoubtedly shaped our behaviour and shifted almost every aspect in society. Social media as one of its products has become more than a platform to communicate, but also a place to create another reality. This research is investigating the negative effects that emerge from the use of social media and its algorithms, from information bias, media echo chamber to filter bubble which imperceptibly shaped how we see, think and act both within social media and beyond.

By examining the media and technological issues using scenographic approach, this research aims to find the intersection between performance, media and technology. How the spectators are positioned within the context of theatre, how the spatial experience takes place both in the digital or physical environment, and how the space in between can be explored through empathy and silence.

Tomy Herseta

Born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, he is known as an interdisciplinary designer and electronic musician who produces work that explores the realms of the internet through multimedia installation which mostly involves audience participation, ranging from sound design to virtual reality experiences.

He has been participating in several exhibitions and festivals such as Digital Design Weekend, Bandung International Digital Arts Festival, Bandung New Emergence, London Design Biennale, Archipelago Festival, Indonesia Netaudio Festival, CTM Festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival and Prague Quadrennial.

His work raises questions of the relation between human, media and society within mediated information and communication and how digital and physical environments are interconnected.