A Route through the Multisensory Greenhouses

Greenhouses are, in essence, spaces where another climate is created than the most prevalent one in the area. Using them as an analogy, Multisensory Greenhouses are a series of interactive spaces where spectators become gradually conditioned into using their senses as an invitation to explore.

As part of these interactive spaces, Sensorial Greenhouses, Het Huis Experience is a videoart created as a form of a multi sensorial tour that guides the spectator from their houses, with the help of a map and 2 other object that were delivered to them, to enhance their experiences throughout this multi sensorial route.

This route consists of 3 different rooms and while the spectator moves forward, they explore the interpretation of Het Huis garden in different scales.

Silvana Hurtd

Silvana Hurtado Dianderas Martinez (Lima, PE 1991) has a Bachelor degree from Fine Arts and Design School at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. She develops artistic projects seeking a relationship between the experience with the landscape and its utopian transformation.

Nowadays she is based in Utrecht, graduated from MA Scenography at HKU, in which she conducts artistic explorations related to synesthesia and the loss of vision also evoked to natural environments.

Member and co-creator with Vanessa Bosch (DE) of Ephemesis Art Collective.