Upload is a work inspired by the practice of meditation and deep listening. The visuals, sound, and the movement of the objects in the space compose a circular rhythm, a breath of this particular installation. The audience is invited to match the rhythm of its breath with the rhythm of breath the space and to use it as an audiovisual mantra for a meditative experience.

To expand its physical boundaries, Upload was broadcasted online during its production. Allowing spectators from all over the world to sync in with the work without being physically present in it.

Shlomo Benami

Shlomo Benami is an audiovisual artist who tries to reformulate and to challenge the combination of sound and image.

In the past few years, His artistic research mainly revolves around the liturgical use of sound and image in temples and other places of worship.

By creating spaces that blend sound, image, and performance, Shlomo hopes to give a new meaning to the religious experience and to extract it from its religious context.