a change in perception

Creating is my spirit. It gives me energy, offers me other perspectives on the world, and creates little escapes from reality. This is what I try to transfer to the spectator.

My whole research is about showing how I relate myself to my creating process and how I look at the world of the spectator. My writing is based on my own experience but also on how we perceive and see the world and how it can change the perception of our own reality. I want people to take a moment to look, to feel, and to imagine. Especially in difficult times like these, with self-isolation and quarantine caused by the Corona crisis, I feel the need to share my views. I try to do more experiments and try-outs and share them online. The challenge is to show my spatial practice in a digital space. It offers the viewers the possibility to escape for a short time and have some distraction from their current situation.

In these times of digitisation I am completely in charge of what you see so I can play with perception and let you travel to colourful upside-down-worlds through my filters.

For reading the reading the research document, you need three color filters (green, red and blue) to hold in front of your eyes

Leny Maris

As a scenographer that works with light and colours, Lenys goal is to enhance and widen what you think you see.

Her work will make you absorb, focus and even feel visual projection and broaden your perspective, more elaborate than what you normally think you will. Responding to our conscious and unconscious perception, mixed with a sensory perception, she plays with the feeling that perception is not only a passive copying of impressions of the senses, but also an active interpretation of the outside world