Object-Led Worlds

My research question, “How do I see the complex world through object-led performance?” is explored through a spatial context, starting from observing events held by objects performing in small theatre. These small-scaled models of worlds provide another perspective to view the complexity we are dealing with in our daily world.

These objects present their inherited values: Weight, materiality, duration, and shape. We, as human beings, view the events held by things other than us; instead of relating things to ourselves, we structure the relationship between objects. What do the lightness and heaviness implies? How different will we experience the time while suspending in a performance? Can these practices bring up new insights into our everyday life?

Huang Chih Hua

Huang Chih Hua is a Taiwanese artist with a study background in architecture. She practices multiple art forms such as drawings, painting, installation, writing, and performance lecture.