Silent Theatrical Spaces

Theatrical spaces in which I reveal theatricality and where I use the backstage as a scenographical concept. Where I guide the spectator with a silent narrative.

Gilles is using theatre – in all its aspects – as his main inspiration. His research is based upon theatre, and how Gilles experiences theatre. It’s about a love, an interest and a passion for theatre. Theatre technicalities are not just paraphernalia to create theatre, but are an inspiration, technical theatre history is used as an artistic source.

Gilles Pollak

Gilles Pollak is currently finishing his masters in Scenography at the Univeristy of the Arts Utrecht. In 2018 he graduated from the bachelor in Theatre Techniques at RITCS in Brussels. He works as a scenographer, lighting designer and technician for different theatre companies in Belgium and the Netherlands such as Toneelhuis, Wolf Wolf, Dividu, Achterdeberg, Fisheye, Theater Aan Zee (TAZ) and Camping Sunset.

He did internships with “de Roovers”/Stef Stessel and with Saskia Louwaard and Katrijn Baeten.

With Wolf Wolf he created Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, this performance is selected to play at Het Theaterfestival in Belgium coming September.