Towards a performative club

My artistic research finds its origin in club culture, a subject that received more attention from the academic field in recent years. Previous studies mainly focused on the role of club culture and its effects on society from fields like sociology, urban studies, or criminology. Nowadays we see more studies, often cross-disciplinary or practice-based research, on the cultural phenomenon itself. I believe that a club is one of the most versatile and complete scenographic environments. This can be inspiring for the broader field of scenography, including theatre, and can also be further developed within club culture. In that respect, I work in and beyond this specific field and approach it both as an observer-analyst and as a maker. These two approaches shouldn’t be seen as independent parts. They are developed in a concurrent pace, feeding and influencing each other constantly.

As a maker, I’m mainly interested in the spatial, sensorial and dramaturgical qualities of light and sound. Next to using this ‘disco-technology’ in unconventional ways in relation to the the senses, space and time, I’m developing methods to give agency to this technology. Hence, I got particularly interested in its relation with the algorithmic driver versus the human operator.

Arnaud De Wolf

Arnaud De Wolf is a visual artist, performance and light designer, based in Brussels and Amsterdam. Since he graduated from the MFA programme Photography at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, he has been taking part in various international exhibitions and artist residencies.

Over time his work developed into a spatial practice. As part of the collective Club Efemeer, he creates autonomous light installations and scenographies in dialogue with the performing arts and nightlife.

During the MA programme Scenography, he conducted a thorough research on the scenographic and dramaturgical aspects of club culture, which he now develops into performative installations and events.